FOR LIMITED TIME: Buy the 35 grams New and Improved Healthy Gums (1.2 oz.) for $17 and get original 45 grams Healthy Gums (1.6 oz.) for $12. Combo price $29.00.


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Note: 80 grams of product last 5 months with normal usage.

New & Improved Healthy Gums 1.2 oz now with Xylitol.

PROTEITH® Healthy Gums is specifically formulated for people who want to support better gum health. Users of PROTEITH® Healthy Gums report experiencing cleaner teeth, and an overall improvement in their gum health while eliminating or reducing bleeding gums and mouth sores.

PROTEITH® Oral Hygiene System should be used as part of an overall dental hygiene program, which includes daily teeth flossing and regular visits to your dentist.

Use PROTEITH® Oral Hygiene System for Healthy Gums to experience a healthier mouth and clean teeth. Standard size lasts about 3 months. Safe for all ages.

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