A naturally better approach to oral healthcare…
because healthy teeth can only live in healthy gums.

Revolutionizing Oral Health Care

PROTEITH® Oral Hygiene System is a specially blended plant toothpowder full of plant proteins, vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and antioxidants balanced to support optimal oral health and to boost the immune system. This changes everything we know about oral hygiene!

Science tells us that certain proteins which include all the essential amino acids needed for cell life is what protects us from bad bacteria. PROTEITH® Oral Hygiene System has the 20 essential amino acids needed to promote the healthiest oral hygiene possible.

Chemical-Free   •   Non-GMO   •   Vegan  •   Dairy-Free   •   Gluten-Free   •   Soy-Free   •   Nut-Free  •   Sugar-Free 

The Science of PROTEITH®

PROTEITH® works by bonding with the oral bacteria that leads to plaque which improves color, gums and breath.

What most people do not realize is that detergents use synthetic proteins to remove bacteria and stains from clothes. PROTEITH® Oral Hygiene System worked for over three years with biochemist and food scientist to find the perfect plant proteins which perform the same task as a toothpowder. The added benefit is that through the process of transdermal absorption the full body also benefits as these nutrients are absorbed through the porous facilities in the mouth right into your bloodstream. Sure it is a change and takes some getting used to – but the body will thank you.

Plant protein molecules bond with and remove acids produced by the bacteria in plaque which weaken your tooth enamel, causing CAVITIES.

The infusion of vitamins and minerals in PROTEITH facilitates the elimination of germs which cause INFLAMMATION OF THE GUMS, OR GINGIVITIS.

The essential minerals for cellular health in PROTEITH helps the mouth heal lessening TOOTH SENSITIVITY.

PROTEITH’s life giving proteins, removes bacteria which cause BAD BREATH.

A Healthy Mouth and a Good Cause: 25% of our Profits are Donated to Children’s Cancer Research.

Why Choose PROTEITH®?

PROTEITH® is the only true natural oral hygiene formulation containing only the highest quality ingredients to support a safe and effective regimen for your teeth and gums. There is no such thing as a natural paste, as you cannot make a paste naturally


PROTEITH® is all-natural, and safe & effective for all ages


PROTEITH® is scientifically balanced and nutrient rich to support oral health


PROTEITH® is approved for use by board-certified dentists and dental hygienists


PROTEITH® has a very low Relative Dentin Abrasivity (RDA)


PROTEITH® is a progressive cleaner as it continually improves the state of your mouth the longer you use it.

97% of PROTEITH®’s user experience group reported having a very good to excellent experience.

It's Time to Revolutionize
Your Oral Healthcare


of American adults suffer from various gum, teeth and mouth soft-tissue issues


of the PROTEITH® user experience group continued using PROTEITH® after the trial was completed


of PROTEITH® users report a very good to excellent experience

The PROTEITH® Revolution

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